Rehearsals are reaching the final stages for our May production. One of Dennis Potter’s best known and best loved plays, Blue Remembered Hills follows the adventures of a group of 7 year olds in war-time Britain, and is similar in feel to John Boorman’s film ‘Hope & Glory’. The children fight, they play, they argue, bully, romp, joke, and cry – but these 7 year olds are all played by adults – as Potter intended. He wanted to avoid the “Ahh!” factor of seeing fresh-faced children on stage and focus the audience’s attention on the emotions they themselves felt as a child. 

It has been quite a challenge for our adult cast to transfer these emotions to the stage. BRH is very different to our previous productions. RTG regulars will definitely see a different side to our actors. The story is a simple one, but it should spark into life memories of your own youth. It is a play of colourful contrasts and lots of onstage energy. 

Set in the Forest of Dean (Dennis Potter’s childhood home) BRH is full of joyous comedy, reminding us of the fun and magic of being a child. But the author is also well aware that children can be very cruel too. The idyllic summer setting has the constant shadow of the war as a backdrop, as spitfires fly overhead and the children wonder about an escaped Italian POW.

We will be serving refreshments from the bar from 7pm onwards and Front-of-House will be table-style following a 1940’s theme. Blue Remembered Hills has a running time of approx 1 hour and 10 minutes so please note that there will be NO Interval and the play will start at 8pm. 

‘Blue Remembered Hills’ is to be performed on May 15th – 17th at The Village Hall. Ravenshead.

Tickets available from Adcock Financial or 0774 2057153
Rehearsal Picture